Uncover the Secret of A DNA Swab Test

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Several years ago, DNA tests are primarily done through blood sample analysis. However, as time goes by, the process has in a way say bye to the invasive procedures of collecting testing sample. In place of it, DNA swab test is done. To collect samples for analysis, the inner side of the cheek is swabbed. This way, the client goes through the procedure in a painless and non-invasive way.

There are two ways to have a DNA test. You may have it done at home by purchasing a kit then sending the sample to a laboratory for analysis or you may want to go to a testing center where they will be in charge of the whole process. If you are to do the swabbing, there are some points that shall be remembered. First, it is important that you use gloves to prevent the contamination of the swab. It is also advisable to have the client brush his/her cheek with a toothbrush to get rid of any present residue. These residues won't affect the results at all. However, a less contaminated area will still be ideal. Then, the swab will be placed against the inner side of the cheeks. Swabbing is done in an upward and downward motion to collect ample sample cells. Then, the cotton swabs will be placed in a test tube or sterile container that the test kit provides. Fill out the necessary information and do proper labeling. Afterwards, you can send it to the laboratory for analysis. For purchased kits, there are companies that have contracted a laboratory for its analysis. After four to six working days, you may be able to receive the DNA test results.

Through all these things, it shall be stressed out that the hallmark for a DNA test's reliability lies on the accuracy and credibility of the collected sample. Hence, it is important to keep the swabs sterile or out of contamination. Poor collection or improper storage of it may cause DNA testing errors. Over all simply follow the instructions that goes with the purchased kit so further mistakes will be prevented.

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Uncover the Secret of A DNA Swab Test

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This article was published on 2011/01/12