Suspicious Of A Cheating Spouse? Infidelity Forensic DNA Testing - The Truth Is Out There And Within Your Reach!

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DNA testing has recently evolved to help you find the truth and companies like offer accredited DNA testing at affordable prices.  Keep in mind when searching for the truth, that there are cheaper products out there that claim they help you catch a cheating spouse, but these products do not provide a true forensic analysis.  Unlike these other products that only check for the presence of semen, an analysis through an AABB accredited facility checks for the presence of DNA and actually derives a genetic profile which can be very precisely compared to yours.  As with any DNA test, it is highly recommended to work with a company that provides AABB accredited testing.

Dealing with infidelity can be difficult.  Many people ask the questions: "how to catch a cheating spouse" or "is he cheating?"  Usually when a partner gets suspicious, there are tell-tale signs of cheating.  Most commonly, a partner or spouse will wait for a specific time when they think the other may be with someone else.  Afterwards, a garment or underwear that may have DNA present from the event, if one has occurred, can easily be obtained.  Bodily fluids can leave a visible stain on clothing.  The stain, which could be from semen or vaginal fluid, will usually contain genetic material from one or both parties. 

Normally, the garment is sent in for forensic analysis along with a control sample from the concerned party.  For example, if you suspect your spouse of infidelity, the steps you would take may be the following:

•Collect the garment with the stain.  If the garment is wet, be sure to let it dry. 

•Cut out the piece with the stain being careful not to touch the stained area so as not to contaminate it with your DNA.

•Store the sample in a paper envelope, not a plastic bag.  This will give the garment the ability to "breathe" and thus slow the growth of bacteria which could kill the DNA.

•Order your DNA analysis.

•When the test kit arrives, collect your sample.  This is usually done in a buccal or cheek swab.

•Return the kit for analysis.

Once the samples are received in the lab, it usually takes 3-5 business days for testing.  The test will check for the presence of male and or female DNA and produce genetic profiles.  If DNA is there, it will be compared to the control sample (yours) to determine if it matches.  If the DNA does not match your profile, your suspicions may be confirmed. 

At times, the analysis produces only one person's DNA.  For example, a husband suspects his wife is cheating and sends her panties for analysis.  If only the presence of one female's DNA on the garment, it could mean that she is not cheating, did not cheat at that time, or there simply was no other donor DNA that got on the garment.  However, if the suspicion is strong he will sometimes proceed with testing another garment, which usually can be done at a discounted rate within a certain timeframe.  Or with the absence of another person's DNA, he or she will be satisfied that his wife is not having an affair.    

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Suspicious Of A Cheating Spouse? Infidelity Forensic DNA Testing - The Truth Is Out There And Within Your Reach!

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