Interesting Uses of DNA Sequence Identification

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DNA sequences have been being used in the criminal identification police and forensic work for quite sometime and have been successful in putting away many guilty convicts. Forensic have had some interesting challenges put to them with DNA sequence matching to close criminal cases as well as some other quite interesting odd cases.

One of the most horrific things that happen to our nation in recent history was September 11th World Trade Center attack. With well over 2600 fatalities just at the Towers alone, identification was a must in order to inform loved ones who waited in unbelievable fear if their loved one was amongst the lost. DNA identification done by The National Institute of Health along with many other DNA experts went to work in helping the medical examiners' office in as quickly as technology would allow, identifying the lost victims. Although unfortunately not all fatalities could be identified through DNA due to the severity of the condition of the remains, most were thanks to DNA.

A couple other amazing feats that DNA sequence identification was able to make an impact on are the Shoah Project assistance in the Disappeared children of Argentina. DNA aided in the reuniting of families separated through the Holocaust through victims remains that have been buried throughout Europe anonymously and reconnecting grandparents to missing grandchildren that were victims of the mass kidnapping and killing spree (referred to as the "Disappeared") that happened back in 1970 in Argentina.

DNA sequencing has even shown its usability on the NFL football fields and in the Olympics. With Super Bowl XXXIV and the 2000 Summer Olympics, DNA sequencing was done on the Super Bowls' souvenir footballs and Olympic souvenirs to prove verifiable authenticity. DNA sequence has also been used to trace human migration patterns to identify family lineage. Other interesting uses of DNA is the tracking of migratory and endangered species, new biologic creatures, and its use a way of prosecuting poachers of endangered and protected species that have their own personal DNA databank.

Just as interesting is the use of DNA sequencing for testing on foreign species or material from outer space to determine origin and if they have ever existed here on earth. However, on the odd or innovative side of DNA sequence testing, however you may perceive it, in Israel DNA is being used to identify dog owners who do not follow the poop scoop rules. In Petah Tikva Israel, all dog owners are required to take their dog to a veterinarian where a swab is done to collect the dogs DNA and is banked. Now, if you are a good dog owner and properly scoop and dispose of your dogs poo' poo' into the specially marked bins and your dogs poo' is the lucky one to be drawn from the disposal bin you would be rewarded with doggie treats or toys. However, if you are a careless pooper-scooper and are caught through your doggies DNA you would be fined. The system is working great for them and there has been far less incidents of careless poop scoopers in Petah Tikva. It is amazing all the different benefits DNA sequencing can have on society.

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Interesting Uses of DNA Sequence Identification

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This article was published on 2010/04/02