Emotional Power

in Dna

Experiments have been done on DNA to prove DNA has a direct effect on the world. They have also proven human emotion has an effect on DNA and DNA has an effect on the immune system. Therefore, it has been proven your emotions control your world.

In one experiment, DNA was taken from a volunteer and placed in the lab for testing. After the initial tests, the volunteer was taken to a different area and was tested, by provoking emotional reactions. At the same time, the DNA in the other laboratory was tested. The DNA responded to the emotions of the donor, even though there was no longer any physical contact between the two.

Similar experiments were done with donors specially trained to feel emotions intensely. The DNA responded to the emotions. It responded at exactly the same time  the emotions were felt no matter what the distance. Emotions seem to use non-local energy to influence the DNA. This means that the effect is instant no matter how far apart.

Another exciting find is that the shape of the DNA is affected by the emotion. Love, peace and serene emotions tend to have a positive effect on shape of the DNA, while anger and hatred have a negative effect.

When DNA is influenced by loving emotions, it has a positive influence on the immune system. This explains why positive people have less severe illnesses than people with a negative outlook on life do. Imagine the powerful effect of positive, loving thoughts on your immune system being able to protect you from all illnesses and disease. You can even use your positive thinking and emotions to influence the health and well-being of others.

The power is in the emotion, so the stronger the emotion, the more powerful the effect.

We have the power to change the world, starting with our own bodies, so let's start loving ourselves and the world. Let us get passionate with our emotional power.

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Emotional Power

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This article was published on 2010/03/31