Dna Stimulation And Binaural Beats

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As you may know DNA contains the genetic instructions for the basic building blocks for all known living organisms. The role of the molecule DNA is the storage of the organisms genetic information. You can think of DNA as a set of blueprints. These blueprints contain the information that tells the cell when to divide, what should be contained in those cells and where these cells are meant to function. Cancer is an example of the rapid, uncontrolled dividing of cells caused by damaged DNA. Cell damage caused by damaged DNA actually is not uncommon. It is said that we all carry around cancer cells, but it only becomes a problem when they multiple out of control. Damage to one's DNA can be caused by radiation, chemical exposure, daily pollutants, poor eating and exercise habits and UV light among other things. A person can have up to 1,000,000 separate molecular lesions per cell everyday.

The good news is the body has a repair mechanism built inside each and every cell of our body. This repair mechanism is constantly at work repairing damage. Research has shown that genes involved in extending ones life span are actually involved in the repair of DNA. Without this remarkable repair process the human race would never have survived.

Fortunately there are things that can be done to assist the natural DNA repair process in your body. Delta brainwave frequency will assist in the normal healthy cell activity. This is one of the reasons deep sleep is so important, as our brains operate in the delta range during deep sleep. The problem is with today's busy stressed filled lifestyles we seldom get enough or the right kind of sleep. To add insult on top of injury the world is becoming more and more polluted, food has more additives and is over processed. And we wonder why cancer is becoming the number one killer.

With binaural beats it is now easy to achieve the delta range. When you turn on the binaural beats recording it will gentle take you to the delta state and allow your bodies natural healing to operate. When in the delta state your body will be focused on healing itself instead of the energy going to movement and action. In the delta state the body creates a powerful transformation that helps the body become stronger and healthier. When you are in the delta state the body will not only be repairing DNA, but also helping with muscle recovery and overall general healing.

I bet you are starting to wonder how these binaural beats work. Binaural beats generators are used to create different frequencies that are delivered to each ear separately. When this is done, a third tone is created and this third tone is the frequency range the brain tunes itself to. Scientist have tested this extensively and determined that when binaural beats put a person in the delta state, that person receives enhanced health benefits. binaural beats are not a magic pill that will instantly solve all your problems. Binaural beats will help you become more relaxed, reduce stress, improve health and give you an overall better quality of life.
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Dna Stimulation And Binaural Beats

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This article was published on 2010/11/25